Lauren Alaina, Idol runner-up, passed over by Americas Got Talent

Lauren Alaina came close to grabbing the top honor on “American Idol,” but the runner-up had far less luck with another televised talent show.

During a Thursday night visit to the “Tonight Show,” the 16-year-old admitted that before “Idol,” she set her sights on “America’s Got Talent.” The confession came while “Talent” judge Piers Morgan was on the program.

“I thought you were the better singer to be honest,” Morgan told Alaina.

“Do you want to hear something funny?” the teen shot back. “I tried out for your show and didn’t make it. … Twice!”

Morgan appeared genuinely shocked to hear the news, especially after Alaina explained that she never even made it past the first round of auditions.

“This is a scandal,” Morgan said. “This is awkward.”

Of course, now that Alaina has found her big break with “Idol,” she’s over the oversight. Still, the country singer had some advice for others facing similar circumstances.

“So for all the people that try out for ‘America’s Got Talent’ and don’t make it – try out for ‘American Idol’ instead!” she cheerfully suggested.

Morgan just couldn’t shake the shame from not snagging Alaina for his own show.

“This is so embarrassing,” he continued. “I’m going to get new producers. The moment this finishes, I’m getting them. Twice? Twice, you applied?” The judge then joked, “Well, I’ll tell you, it shows you the standard on ‘America’s Got Talent.’”