Las Vegas: Elton John has temper tantrum onstage, booing ensues

Apparently, Elton John wasn’t having a good time during his concert last night at the Colosseum in Las Vegas

From Norm Clark:

During one of his outbursts at the Colosseum, the Rocket Man exploded, saying “somebody in my production team is (bleeping) fired,” a backstage spy told the Review-Journal.

“He made an ass of himself,” said the source.

The 65-year-old six-time Grammy winner started his show 20 minutes later and ended it 25 minutes early, according to the source.

Stagehands were seen mopping up water after each of John’s outbursts. Booing erupted after the fourth time he threw his water glass.

This was caught on video by 12 cameras shooting during the show as a dancer posted on Twitter saying she was shooting a video with the singing legend.