Lady Gaga: Gay Men Have Lifted Me Up Through Changes In My Life

On the season premiere of Untucked: RuPaul’s Drag Race, the after-show where the queens let down their hair, guest Lady Gaga shared her personal feelings about the “gay men in my life that helped me to become a woman.”

Valentina thanked Lady Gaga for all she does for the gay community.

Gaga, touched, had this to say:

“I appreciate you saying that. I’m not a gay woman, you know? And it’s that touchy sort of subject where can you stand up for people that you are not necessarily fully part of that community in a way that you can understand what you all go through, right?

“But I have always been surrounded by incredibly intelligent, powerful gay men who have lifted me up through lots of changes in my life.”

“Becoming famous was very strange and it’s the gay men in my life that helped me to become a woman. And I don’t know that a lot of people would understand that but it’s because of what you’ve through ― you have survived so much that you inspire me to continue surviving. So thank you for that.”

Watch the full episode of Untucked below. Gaga enters at the 14:40 mark.