Kylie Minogue On ABC’s GALAVANT – “Off With His Shirt”

ABC will see the season premiere of it’s “comedy extravaganza” Galavant tonight.

And what better way to make a splash than to have Kylie Minogue guest star as the queen who performs a camp disco number with real-life boyfriend Joshua Sasse.

And yes, it IS his shirt that comes off.

The song is destined to gay bar “musical comedy video night” hall of fame status. Especially with the camp disco beat and check these lyrics:

“Don’t be shy boys / go to town / I’ll bet that chest / Is heaven blessed.”

“Save some room, boys, for dessert / Oh, off with his shirt.”

How have I never watched this show? You can bet I’ll be tuning in now 🙂

(h/t JMG)