Kiev Pride: Hundreds Of Riot Police Swarm & Tear Gas Anti-LGBT Protesters

Kiev Pride: Hundreds Of Riot Police Swarm & Tear Gas Anti-LGBT Protesters
Kiev Pride Parade (image via Instagram/Yura Dvizhhon)

Prior to the start of Kiev’s Pride Parade today, Ukrainian police swarmed, tear-gassed and arrested 56 anti-LGBT protesters who had attempted to block a portion of the parade route.

From Reuters:

Ukrainian police said they had detained 56 members of far-right radical groups in Kiev on Sunday after scuffles before the capital’s gay pride march. Early in the morning, more than 150 far-right protesters had sought to block off the route of the march through central Kiev.

Small clashes broke out when police in riot gear moved to clear the street. “Several men who resisted and used gas canisters against law enforcement officers were detained,” the police said in a statement.

Far-right group C14 said police had surrounded its protesters, attacking them with batons and tear gas. “Look at how they protect ‘sexual minorities’ and violate the rights of regular Kiev citizens,” it said in a post on Facebook. More people were detained in a subsequent altercation near the Opera House, police said.

Fortunately, the parade then went off without any further incident. According to organizers, there were over 6,000 participants in the Pride vent.

Check out the first video below shot from a drone. No sound, but its amazing to get a clear view of how many riot police were there and how they surround and then move the protesters.

The second video shows the celebrants at the parade.

(h/t JoeMyGod)