New Music: Kailaya “Lately”

Out singer/songwriter Kailaya drops her new single "Lately."
Kailaya (photo: Ira Ray)

Out singer/songwriter Kailaya drops her debut single, “Lately,” a soulful blues-tinged track featuring sensual vocals and a moody, jazz-inspired guitar.

As a Ukrainian-American, Kailaya will be donating the proceeds of her new single to LifeLover, a charity that provides humanitarian aid and helps the elderly community affected by the war in Ukraine.

“I wrote ‘Lately’ in a time of my life where I needed to practice the art of letting go,” Kailaya shares about the personal new track.

Writing the song provided a path to process negative emotions connected to a past relationship and helped her rebuild the experiences she felt so disconnected from.

Born in Los Angeles into a Ukrainian family, Kailaya has spent a lot of time in Kyiv visiting friends and family and lived there for a time in college.

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Heartbroken by current events, Kailaya felt compelled to give back to those affected by the war, including her own family members. She will be donating a portion of the proceeds of “Lately” to LifeLover.

“I chose this charity for a few important reasons. First, my family in Ukraine is close friends with the founder of LifeLover, which made me comfortable pushing it out to more people.

Another reason is that it focuses on the elderly community that is impacted in Ukraine as well as all other refugees.

It has been heartbreaking to hear from my friends and family about the struggle to escape the country. I want to use my art to help spread legitimate resources and ways to help.

Ukraine has become my second home, so working with this charity and others is important to me.”

“I hope that my vulnerability creates a safe space for others to engage with their own,” said Kailaya.

Cover art for the new single "Lately" from Kailaya

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