Justin Pearson Reappointed To Tennessee House Seat

Justin Pearson Reappointed To Tennessee House Seat
Justin J. Pearson

Justin J. Pearson has been reappointed to the Tennessee state House seat from which he was expelled last week. The vote to reappoint by the Shelby County Commission was unanimous.

From WREG:

Commission Chairman Mickell Lowery said he believes the expulsion of Pearson by House Republicans was conducted in a hasty manner, and ramifications for the state are still yet to be seen.

It took seven votes by the county commission to put Pearson back in the seat temporarily until an election can be held in the coming months.

Supporters of the expelled state representative rallied Wednesday at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, an hour and a half before the scheduled vote by the Shelby County Commission.

Pearson joins Justin Jones, who was also expelled and already been reappointed.

The ironic thing about Pearson and Jones being expelled by Tennessee Republicans is Republicans are the ones constantly whining about so-called “cancel culture.” And yet, here they were “cancelling” Pearson and Jones.

These are the same folks who say elections are being “stolen” but they literally overturned the will of the people who voted Pearson and Jones into office by expelling them.