Justin Bieber receives Milestone Award at Billboard Awards, gets mocked while accepting award

Justin Bieber, while accepting the brand new first ever “Milestone Award for musical ingenuity and innovation,” said he was not a “gimmick” and asked to be taken seriously at the Billboard Music Awards.

As he took the podium to accept his award, the cheers began to be mixed with boos, which clearly took Bieber aback. He stood without speaking for a lengthy amount of time, before addressing the dissenters.

Said Bieber: “I’m 19 years old, I think I’m doing a pretty good job. From my heart, I really just want to say, it should really be about the music, it should be about the craft that I’m making. This is not a gimmick. I’m an artist, and I should be taken seriously, and all this other bull should not be spoken of.”