Just Another Day In The Alternate Universe Of Tony Perkins

Anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins wrote a rambling essay today which – as usual – gets the facts wrong about the Hitching Post wedding venue and a fictional stay on Idaho marriages that is NOT in effect:

“The only place where there seems to be an overwhelming consensus on redefining marriage is in the chambers of 25 unelected judges, who have been arrogant enough to substitute their agendas for the will of 13 states.

“For now, the states are continuing to put up a fight, right down to the local officials forced to carry out the courts’ bidding.

“In Idaho, site of the first ministers ordered to perform gay ‘weddings’ or be imprisoned, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is giving the state a brief reprieve by putting a hold on the ceremonies for now.

“While the two sides appeal the Ninth Circuit ruling that struck down Idaho’s law, the Knapps — and other ordained ministers — will hold their breaths, hoping the same country that gave them conscience rights won’t jail the couple for exercising them.”

Seriously. This man drums up support and dollars for anti-gay animus and he can’t get facts straight.

There is no stay on same-sex marriage in Idaho; and more importantly, no ministers have been “ordered” to perform same-sex weddings.

Hyperbole and hysteria! The sky is falling!

Except – it’s not.