Judge Dismisses Challenge To Trans-Inclusive Bathrooms + More News

Judge Dismisses Challenge To Trans-Inclusive Bathrooms + More News
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Some news items of interest:

The Advocate: A federal judge in Ohio has dismissed a challenge to a school district’s trans-inclusive restroom policy, saying there is not a legal right to “transgender-free bathrooms.”

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ABC News: A Utah man was shot and killed as FBI agents were attempting to serve arrest and search warrants in connection with an investigation into alleged threats against President Joe Biden and others. Among other posts from the man, “Perhaps Utah will become famous this week as the place a sniper took out Biden the Marxist.”

AP News: The strike by Hollywood writers reached the 100-day mark today, matching the length of the landmark 2007-2008 strike. The milestone comes as the U.S. film and television industries remain paralyzed by dual strikes by actors and screenwriters.

Reuters: Iraq’s official media regulator has ordered all media and social media companies operating in the Arab state not to use the term “homosexuality” and instead to say “sexual deviance.”

Politico: Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a search warrant for Donald Trump’s Twitter account earlier this year, according to newly revealed court documents. Twitter’s resistance to complying with the Jan. 17 warrant resulted in a $350,000 fine.

Hawaii News Now: Raging wildfires ripped through Maui communities, destroying what’s feared to be hundreds of homes and businesses and triggering apocalyptic scenes as people fled into the water to escape the flames.