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Jimmy Kimmel Takes On GOP Healthcare Bill For Third Night In A Row

For the third night in a row, Jimmy Kimmel has used his opening monologue to bring attention to the disastrous healthcare bill written by Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

As Cassidy and other Republican senators have attacked Kimmel for raising his voice about a subject he is not an expert on, Kimmel continues to point to major medical organizations, like the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society, that also oppose the legislation.

Kimmel included Donald Trump in the segment saying he doesn’t believe Trump has even read the bill. “He doesn’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid,” Kimmel said. “He barely knows the difference between Melania and Ivanka.”

And for all the folks who have suggested Kimmel should shut up because he’s a comedian, not a politician, Kimmel points out that Donald Trump’s “qualification” to be president was “he fired Meatloaf on television, and then you put him in the White House.”

I just want to underline one aspect of the bill that Republicans keep sweeping under the rug: pre-existing conditions.

While the “idea” of pre-existing conditions is addressed in the bill, Cassidy-Graham would leave it to individual states to make sure folks with pre-existing conditions have “access” to health insurance that is “adequate and affordable.” BUT – the bill doesn’t define what “adequate and affordable” would be.

Perhaps 10% more costly than otherwise healthy people? 20% more? 50% more?

No one knows. Think on that.