It’s Friday! Time For One More Aaron Schock Debacle

It’s Friday! Time For One More Aaron Schock Debacle

Blue Nation Review reports on Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock’s sale of his home to a political donor for much more than the home was estimated to be worth.


The month before the 2012 elections, Congressman Schock sold his house to a major Republican donor who was also one of his campaign supporters for a price that appears to far exceed the market value at the time.

Ali Bahaj – then a Vice President at Caterpillar – and his wife Gloria have donated more than $45,000 over the last decade to the Caterpillar PAC and various Republican officeholders – including Congressman Schock.

In fact, Federal Election Commission records show that Mr. and Mrs. Bahaj each made the maximum allowable donation to Aaron Schock’s campaign in 2008.

Congressman Schock on October 16, 2012 sold his home to the Bahajs for $925,000.

Zillow estimates that the house was worth approximately $695,000 that month. It’s possible Congressman Schock just got incredibly lucky finding the right buyer to throw him a life raft as homeowners around him were drowning.

But it begs the question: Was this transaction more than just luck?

Blue Nation Review found several nearby comparable homes that never got near that price range.

Well, things happen. I can attest that I got lucky when I sold my home in LA in 2004. I sold near the very top of the market then. Of course, I didn’t happen to sell to a political donor of mine. (p.s. I don’t have any political donors…)

According to Zillow, Schock sold his home at just about the rock bottom of the Peoria real estate market:

It’s Friday! Time For One More Aaron Schock Debacle

If Schock had sold to a stranger for a higher than average price, it might have been one thing. But, it seems that Congressman Schock sold his home at what appears to be an inflated price to a political donor.

First, “OfficeGate.”

Then, racist top aide calls African-Americans zoo animals.

Now, this.

Happy Friday, Aaron Schock. I’ll bet no one wanted to end the week more than you.

Good thing you’ve got your health.

It’s Friday! Time For One More Aaron Schock Debacle
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