Is out soccer player Robbie Rogers planning his return to the game?

Robbie Rogers, pro soccer player who retired and came “out” last February looks like he’s testing the waters in terms of a return to the “beautiful game” by currently training with the LA Galaxy.

Perhaps with the huge support Jason is seeing, Rogers may be rethinking the retirement thing.

Regarding Jason Collins’ recent coming out, Robbie said:

“I think I was surprised like everyone else. Obviously, I know what it is like going through being gay and being a professional athlete and being closeted and all the emotions and all the thoughts that go through your mind. I don’t know him, but I was very happy and proud for him.

“But most of all, I was happy that our society gave him such a positive response including athletes from all over the world on Twitter. Society is really changing, people are moving along and accepting gay athletes and I think more athletes will follow in his footsteps.

“We will see what happens, but it is definitely a positive step. You can’t just say to someone, ‘Come out, come out,’ it really depends on them.”