Interesting perspective on God’s purpose for gays and lesbians

Interesting perspective on God’s purpose for gays and lesbians

This was sent to me by my “anonymous best friend” who received it in an e-blast from an “adult video” website. I thought it was an interesting take – gays and lesbians are “God’s divine natural birth control”?

Here’s just part of the email:

But why did God create Homosexuals? Simple, God understood that humans liked and enjoined in a lot of sex … and for the human race to evolve it could not quickly overpopulate in it early stages. For the human race to evolve, a portion of society could not produce offspring (later in the development of world population plagues, famine, disease restructured populations, as well as humans have this uncanny ability to wage war and murder each other, which also helped control population). But in God’s grand scheme of natural order, Homosexuals are God’s divine natural birth control, divine population control, divine family planning.

As part of God’s design, He spread Homosexuals around in every society, every race, nationality and religion. I also might add that Homosexuals on the average are more creative, intelligent and more tolerant than the average person.

So it is that Homosexuals are God’s special people, and societies and their religions throughout the world have sanctimoniously violated God’s wishes, God’s design. In fact, it’s a violations of biblical proportions. Homosexuals were not only created in Gods image, but hold a special place in Gods design for the human race.

So, according to the author, gays and lesbians help prevent over-population.

Wait – gays can’t reproduce on their own?

Michael! I think I just figured something out…