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InstaHunks Strike A Pose With Their Pups On National Dog Day

Joe Manganiello and Bubbles (via Instagram)

Checking out how our favorite InstaHotties celebrated National Dog Day with their furry family members.

First up, Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello (above) made it black and white that Bubbles is his favorite.

Instagram daddy/dog duo Steve_in_la and his bestie Tobi_in_LA posed for the moment:

Max Souza (Mr. Brazil Gay 2020) shared black/white bulldog pup Arya and mama dog Charlotte along with the rest of his puppers:

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Hoje é o dia mundial do Cão! Quem tem essas fofuras em casa, sabe o quanto eles tornam os nossos dias mais felizes! Esse ano tive a experiência de cuidar da cria de uma das que temos, no total são 4 buldogues francês Eve, Ravenah, charlotte e a novata Arya. A charlotte teve 11 filhotinhos um nasceu morto e o outro morreu com 2 dias! Sobreviveram 9, foram 30 dias inesquecíveis, na qual dos 30 dias, 15 ajudei a mamãe charlotte amamentar com mamadeira, pois ela só tinha 8 tetas e nem todas eram cheias, depois eu fazia o revezamento para todos mamarem! Nos doamos todos para migos queridos, e a Arya ficou. Foi uma experiência inesquecível e que guardarei para sempre, Esses amores se quatro patas 🐾 fazem parte do nosso dia. Costumo falar que elas não dão trabalho nenhum, muito pelo contrário, elas nos enchem de amor, carinho e proteção. E vocês tem um cãozinho em casa Tbm? Qual o nome dele? 💓#felizdiadocão #amordedog #dog #dogs #doglovers #dogloversofinstagram #amor #budoguefrances #instagram 🐶

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Boy Butter pitchman Rod Facundo shared a moment with his bull terrier, Rocco:


Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy struck a pose with his doggie daughter Birdie:

YouTube celeb Max Emerson was hanging out with Sargeant Pupper (who has his own 18K followers on Instagram):

English rugby star Chris Robshaw spent the day with five dashing doggies:

Photographer Alexis Salgues  shared these pics of personal trainer Ben Cent with his woofy Siberian husky, Wolfgang:


Fitness guy Bremen Menelli worked out at the beach with his bestie, Hugo:


Hunky veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin’s cutie Henry explained how he basically owns everything:

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It’s #nationaldogday so here’s to you, Henry 🐶💕 Also a great opportunity to discuss the one of the most special things a person can experience in their life – the Human:Animal Bond. The bond we can have with animals is indescribable and I think you can only fully understand it once you’ve experienced it. My doggo “Henry”, for example, loves me to his hearts fullest extent no matter who or what I am or anything I’m going thru. I can ALWAYS depend on his loyal support & love & friendship & quality time whether I’m high on life or down in the dumps. He’s always there and he always appreciates all the love & QT I have for him. I also think we have so many life lessons to learn from our pets, including dogs and one of the most valuable lessons is LIVING IN THE MOMENT. Many of us can get stuck in the past or stress about the future whether they’re good times or bad times but Henry and all dogs remind me to appreciate RIGHT NOW👇. This very moment. It may not be a significant moment but there’s something to appreciate about it and a reason to live in IT. Life goes by too fast to spend excessive time on what ‘was’ or what ‘will be.’ Live like a dog. Live in the moment too. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit by having a dog or cat or other pet in their life. If you’re considering making a new best friend promise me you’ll at least look into adopting. There’s millions of kiddos in need of a home and a friend to live in the moment with 🙂🙏🐶 #adoptdontshop

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Ollie the samoyed’s hunky dad took him on a boat ride:


Big and beefy fitness coach Dominik Scherl showed off his poofy pom, Rocco: