InstaHunks: Furry Friday Flex + More Eye Candy

Matt Pappadia pauses for a pit stop.
Matt Pappadia (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week beginning with Matt Pappadia, who paused for a pit stop.

Jordan Torres was looking shiny and new:

Nathan + going on a cruise = cruise body:

Rico wants everyone to take their shot:

Drew Harper enjoyed his bike week:

SurfbearLA should be the poster man for #FitnessOver60:

Josh and Joe embraced the snowfall in Buffalo for a mini-photoshoot:

Ivan celebrated Spring in Alaska with a (BIG) new truck for adventures:

Christian enjoyed life as a beach bear on Margarita Isle…

…while Brazilian actor José Victor Pires posed pensive poolside…

…and Joel Green color coordinated his swim wear with his surroundings:

Bruno Baba celebrated another trip around the sun:

Noah Gao is feeling fine in Phuket:

Johnny Middlebrooks banged it out at the gym:

Jim Newman and Rodrigo making the long distance thing work…

…while Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo kept stopping to make out while taking a run:

Cole Forsgren embraced his big pole:

Karl Schmid is ready for red carpet duties tonight at the Oscars: