InstaHunk Round-Up: Weekend Edition

Some of our favorite Instagram posts this week from the land of Insta.

First up, Moe Bear (above) was all smiles for ‘Flex Friday’ and gave a shout-out to his ‘almost abs’ (we think he looks pretty dang great).

Photographer Leonardo Ursini makes a pretty convincing argument that ‘thick is the new ripped:’

LuffyPiece served up our favorite selfie this week:

Writer Rich Burns showed off how fab life after 50 can be:

Former Army Captain Roberto Portales kept his scuba class waiting:

Johnny Middlebrooks boasts some bountiful biceps in what he calls his ‘off season’ shape:

Bearded Frank served up serious beard goals from Black Sands Beach in Sausalito:

We think fur is fab, but Max Souza reminds how sexy smooth can be:

Actor/model Brock O’Hurn demonstrates the complications that arise for folks 6’7″ tall in an airplane restroom. He also mentions something about a size 15 shoe, so…

Kevin Davis got all romantical during a photo shoot with fitness guru David Cook. p.s. the duo scored a book cover deal from the shoot!

Bruno Baba asks his followers if they like him with abs or what he calls ‘chubby:’

Tom Daley and Matty Lee scored gold at the European Aquatics Championships in Budapest:

Dan Tai was just hanging out to see what would happen: