Indiegogo project: The Man Diet

New Indiegogo project from my dear friend Roy Bean:

After several readings and revisions of “The Man Diet” and with the support of many wonderful friends, teachers and colleagues I’ve decided to become a producer, surround myself with an amazing cast and crew, and make a movie.

And with people like Christine Bokhour, Ann Cooley, Taylor Hooper, Brian Howard, Michael Lawrence, Mark Ledbetter, Raymond J. Lee, Robert Matteau, Ryan N. Phillips, Sarah Rigney, Marissa Rosen, Marty Thomas, Nicole E. Velez and more to come… we can’t go wrong.


JACOB runs a shelter, HELP+U. Although he does great work for the community by day, he has just found out he has an unfortunate reputation in the community by night.

Out for dinner with MARGOT, WILLIAM, and BRANDON, Jacob is inspired – he’s going to go on a “man diet.” No carbs, no fat, no men. His friends are incredulous that he can last, so they challenge him to a bet.

As fate would have it Margot hires, as the new Volunteer Coordinator, DANIEL, a simple, easy going guy. Daniel is immediately attracted to Jacob, but has no idea what is in store for him.

Roy is terrifically talented, and I have no doubts this will be a fab film.

Check it out by clicking here.