Idina Menzel Surprises Young “Let It Go” Fan On ELLEN

Idina Menzel surprises young fan Luke Chacko on ELLEN

Earlier this year, a video went viral of 11-Year-Old Luke Chacko belting “Let It Go” in front of Frozen star Idina Menzel during a concert in Dallas.

Luke admits that the experience gave him strength as he’s been bullied at school having been called “gay” and “girl.” But Luke is strong. As he tells Ellen, “I’m a man of steel. These words can come at me and bounce back off. I’m like a rubber man of steel.”

Oh – and he has his own squad. “I have at least 12 people in my squad at school.”

Ellen invited the young guy to reprise his performance on her show this week, but the big moment was Idina herself showing up to surprise him.

This is awesome.

And, you’ve just GOT to see him kill “Let It Go” on national TV! You are not ready for this 🙂