Idina Menzel Surprises Young “Let It Go” Fan On ELLEN

Idina Menzel surprises young fan Luke Chacko on ELLEN

Earlier this year, a video went viral of 11-Year-Old Luke Chacko belting “Let It Go” in front of Frozen star Idina Menzel during a concert in Dallas.

Luke admits that the experience gave him strength as he’s been bullied at school having been called “gay” and “girl.” But Luke is strong. As he tells Ellen, “I’m a man of steel. These words can come at me and bounce back off. I’m like a rubber man of steel.”

Oh – and he has his own squad. “I have at least 12 people in my squad at school.”

Ellen invited the young guy to reprise his performance on her show this week, but the big moment was Idina herself showing up to surprise him.

This is awesome.

And, you’ve just GOT to see him kill “Let It Go” on national TV! You are not ready for this 🙂

Idina Menzel Hands The Mic To A Texas Boy And His “Let It Go” Steals The Show

That time that Broadway star Idina Menzel hands the mic to a young boy named Luke in Texas and he blows the crowd away with his chorus of “Let It Go.”

Via The Advocate:

During a rendition of “Let It Go” at a concert Sunday in Grand Prairie, Texas, the powerhouse Frozen singer invited a group of children to the stage. Then Menzel approached the only boy, who gave his name as Luke. She asked if he knew what song she was performing.

“’Let It Go,’ obviously!” said the boy, to the laughter and cheers of the crowd. “What kind of question is that?”

“Let me just tell you what I’ve been through,” said the singer, who explained that during her Idina Menzel World Tour, “every time a boy comes up, he tells me he doesn’t really like this song.” She recalled one young man saying he even preferred Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” from the film Trolls.

“Heck to the no!” Luke exclaimed. “I’m offended.”

A laughing Menzel handed the microphone to Luke and requested he sing the chorus of “Let It Go.” He blew the audience away. Menzel, impressed, even requested an encore, since the audience’s cheers drowned out part of his performance.

“Can you all just shut up for a minute and let him sing it again?” she asked. Afterward, Menzel remarked, “I can’t sing like that!”

(h/t Advocate)

Channing Tatum Kills On LIP SYNC BATTLE With Frozen’s “Let It Go”

 From the upcoming episode of LIP SYNC BATTLES this Thursday – Channing Tatum is SOOO into this lip-dub of mega-hit “Let It Go” from FROZEN.

Channing’s full-out performance coupled with Idina Menzel’s vocals makes for awesome TV. No one can say this “Magic Mike” is afraid to twirl.

And he’s playing against his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Who do you think will win this?

Tune in Thursday night at 10PM on SPIKE TV.

Idina Menzel sings Impromptu “Let It Go” for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Idina Menzel sings “Let It Go” with audience members after a performance of IF/THEN

Regular readers of The Randy Report know that my favorite charity is Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, which I’ve long supported with my time and dollars. Very near and dear to my heart.

Each year in November and December, Broadway shows take part in a six week fundraising period which leads up to the “Gypsy of the Year” competition. During the six weeks before the big “Gypsy of the Year” show, cast members think of whatever creative ways they can to encourage donations after each performance of their respective shows.

How’s this for a one of a kind experience?

Tony Award-winning actress Idina Menzel, currently starring in the Broadway production of If/Then, offers an impromptu rendition of the “Frozen” hit “Let It Go” as part of a post-curtain fundraiser for BC/EFA.

For more info about BC/EFA, head to the official website.  And if you do plan to make a holiday donation this year, please consider this incredible organization that has led the way for decades in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Miss Alaska Tastee Freeze Performs “Frozen”

With over 2.8 million views, Seth Hancock has gone viral (with artistic assistance from Jason Du Puy) with his fabulous drag performance of “Let It Go” from FROZEN.

Not just another lip-dub; watch for the special effects 🙂

This performance took place at the October 5th “Best In Drag Show” – an outrageous annual beauty pageant spoof for Aid For AIDS, a program of Alliance for Housing and Healing. This year’s event raised over $400,000.

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Ellen and Kristen Wiig sing “Let It Go” without knowing the words

Kristen Wiig and Ellen sing “Let It Go” – sort of…

Quick set-up:

Kristen Wiig visits Ellen.

 Noting the popularity of the song “Let It Go” from Frozen, both acknowledge they do not know the words.

So – of course, why not try to sing it?

During one musical passage Wiig runs and hides behind a chair for no discernible reason other than interpretive dance…?

Wiig also notes, as I have every time I heard the song, that kids don’t know what “fractals” are 🙂

I laughed out loud. Watch below:

Hunky dad cheers his little girl on singing “Let It Go”

I can’t not post this.

I think the “Let It Go” lip-dubs videos are done, but this dad is so “in it” with his little girl – I couldn’t stop watching.

“Let it rage on, girl!”

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