I guess it pays to shave…

The city of Fort Wayne recently posted an online poll to allow citizens to vote in naming the city’s new government center. However, it looks like the current leader of the poll – with more than triple it’s nearest competitor – won’t be the name on the new center.

It seems that popular Harry Baals, a former Republican mayor has been leading the list. Baals – pronounced “balls” by the then-mayor but “bales” by his descendents – became the Republican nominee for mayor in 1934 and was elected for three successive terms. He returned to politics in 1951 by winning a fourth term but died in office in May 1954. His accomplishments include elevating the railroads in town and negotiating the contract with the Army to establish Baer Field as an air base.

While Baals was a popular mayor, Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy noted he had an unfortunate name and some elected officials have said such a name would be an embarrassment to the city.

So it looks like there won’t be a Harry Baals Government Center.
(via the Journal Gazette)