President Obama Compares Congressional Republicans To Grumpy Cat

Speaking at the Women’s Leadership Forum yesterday, President Obama playfully wondered aloud at the GOP’s “gloomy” outlook on just about everything, comparing them to Grumpy Cat, complete with making the Grumpy Cat face.

The crowd was thrilled.

On a serious note, I have to say, when the GOP constantly says how “everything” is worse since Obama became president I come to the same list of issues where the country has improved: stock market more than doubled, unemployed down from over 9% to 5.1%, US car industry back from the brink of extinction, real estate market has improved dramatically, Osama bin Laden killed, health insurance premiums have stopped sky-rocketing, gay and lesbian couples can marry the person they love…

Who looks at that list and says “things are worse???”

Hunky Service Members Show Their Support With 22KM Shirtless March

This past Saturday, 50 active duty service members and veterans walked 22 kilometers (14 miles) from south Mission Beach to La Jolla, California, wearing nothing but their green silkies and combat boots, to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicide prevention.

The muscle hunks who organized the walk call themselves the Irreverent Warriors and the number of kilometers (22) they’ll walk and the weight that they’ll carry represents the 22 service members who die from suicide each day.

From the group’s website:

We are combat veterans who choose to tell our stories in the same manner that we’d tell them in a living room with our best bros. We choose to express our dark humor and let our terrible jokes fly like eagles, all in an effort to get combat vets to laugh, get together, and stop fucking killing themselves.

(via Gaily Grind)

Virgin America Wants To Know What Bunk You Prefer

Social media folks didn’t quite know what to make of this tweet from Virgin America this past week.

You can read some of the retweets and comments here.

For the record, though, check out the number of retweets and Favorites in the image. Versatile folks were apparently not happy there wasn’t an option for them, although I’m betting many both retweeted and Favorited.