Hunky Harry Potter For Halloween + More InstaHunks

Roberto Portales is giving you hunky Harry Potter for Halloween
Roberto Portales (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks this week starting with some Halloween costumes like Roberto Portales working some hunky Harry Potter magic.

tmakrq is taking the Soul Train to Halloween:

ready_w_red is the pirate we all want to see climb aboard:

Ramon Ventura was not clowning around:

Jae Fusz has big (disco) balls and he’s not afraid to use them:

Johnny Sibilly’s skirt twirled up:

Shomari Francis got his dose of vitamin sea…

…while Ivan got his nature fix in Alaska:

Okkar Min Maung, you can leave your hat on:

Sam Cushing had a chat with himself about changing lewks:

Matthew Camp looked all ‘hunter’ cute, but check out the progression of those hashtags…LOL:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo served up his version of Scottish for his latest photoshoot:

Jason Derulo sipped by the pool in Malibu:

We’d be all smiles, too, if our doc looked like Dr. Marco:

Greg Bennett sent regards from Puerto Vallarta:

Three bears went splish splash in a waterfall: