Honey Commercial Rethinks “The Three Bears” As Burly Gays

Matt, Phil and Joel – “The Three Bears”

Rowse Honey has introduced a new team to sell their honey, and I know you’re gonna love this, just “bear” with me.

From the official website:

A Breakfast Show with added Grrr

Meet Phil, Joel and Matt – the bigger, grizzlier and infinitely more fabulous Three Bears. They’re the stars of an exciting new breakfast show from Rowse Honey. When it comes to delicious porridge and honey recipes, the Bears know best.

Episode one features the three bears recipe for winter survival – porridge with blue berry compote, heating long underwear on the stove (“hot pants”) and ending breakfast with a big bear hug.

Ok, ok, – I’ll be “Goldilocks.” 🙂

In addition to the videos, there are recipes using Rowse Honey at the website.

Watch the trailer below: