Holiday Ad Celebrates ‘Family You’re Born Into Or The One You Make’

(image via screen capture)

Props to Ritz Crackers for the new holiday ad spot featuring all kinds of folks (including a multi-racial queer couple) showing up for family celebrations this Christmas.

“The holidays are about spending time with family. Whether it’s the one you’re born into or the one you make.”

On their ‘Taste of Welcome‘ website, the snack maker writes, “At RITZ, we believe everyone should feel like they belong. That’s why this holiday, we’re encouraging people to rethink what it means to be family.”

The company is also partnering with The It Gets Better Project (which aims to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth), Hispanic Star (showcases and amplifies the value and contributions of the Hispanic community), and Invisible People (which fights to humanize homelessness by putting a face to the issue) by donating $50,000 to help support communities in need this season.