Hillary Clinton Surges In Iowa

Hillary Clinton Surges In Iowa

Eyebrows were raised yesterday when the results of the first Monmouth University poll in Iowa showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had bounced up to an amazing 41% lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

From the Washington Post:

If this month has been a giant, delicious cake layered with all of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s favorites, then Monmouth University just slathered on a whole lot of icing. Its new poll puts Clinton up 41 points in Iowa — the widest lead she’s seen there in any poll since June. Or: since before the Bernie Sanders surge.

It’s a good time to go back to the polling average compiled by Real Clear Politics. In an average of recent polls, Clinton is up in Iowa by a more modest 15.5 points — still more than enough to inspire a few high fives around the office in the manner of a stereotypical successful political campaign.

It’s worth noting two massive events that occurred in the past week: Vice President Biden announced he would not run for the nomination, and Clinton’s confident and commanding appearance at the congressional Benghazi hearing.