Highlights from Family Research Council’s “Stand with Scouts Sunday’

Highlights from the “Stand with Scouts Sunday” anti-gay hate-a-thon.

Do you like how one scout refers to gays as not being “clean?” Because homosexuality is supposedly “morally unclean.”

Quick observation – how many straight scouts do you think have sex before marriage? Is that “morally clean?” I don’t judge those scouts, but clearly there’s a double standard when it comes to what is or isn’t “clean” on a “moral” landscape.

Also – note how Tony Perkins throws out his dog whistle at 1:38 about “the evidence is beginning to mount” on gays in the military and DADT. That’s how these folks work. They repeat those talking points in a tone of voice that sounds factual and non-threatening, and the folks who listen hear it over and over.  Over time, it all becomes “fact” to them.