Herschel Walker’s Charitable Donations + More News

Herschel Walker’s Charitable Donations + More News
Herschel Walker (photo: Flickr/Travis AFBCC License)

Some news items you might have missed:

New York Times: Herschel Walker, GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, pledged for years that 15 percent of profits from his food distribution company would go to charities. When those charities were contacted, though, one declined to comment and the other three said they had no record or recollection of any gifts from the company in the last decade.

Washington Post: Career prosecutors have recommended against charging Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) in a long-running sex-trafficking investigation — telling Justice Department superiors that a conviction is unlikely in part because of credibility questions with the two central witnesses.

Politico: The House GOP campaign arm has slashed a near-$1 million ad buy meant to support Republican JR Majewski in his Ohio House race after news reports that he had  lied about his resume, including claiming that he deployed to Afghanistan.

Paintsville Herald: A former northeastern Kentucky girls basketball high school coach and pastor was arrested Wednesday on charges of rape, sexual abuse and sodomy. But it’s the gays are the groomers…?

CNN: US stocks fell sharply in Friday trading as investors continued to worry about even more rate hikes from the Federal Reserve that could land the US economy in a recession.

Deadline: The Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner blockbuster The Bodyguard is coming back to the big screen on November 6 & 9 to celebrate its 30th anniversary since its release. The companion album is the best-selling soundtrack of all time and tied for the 13th-biggest-selling disc in U.S. history with 18 million-plus units.