Henry Rollins on the misguided outrage by the losers of DOMA demise

Henry Rollins explains to anti-gay haters that this year's 16 year olds will be voting in two years.  And they don't like hate.
Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins, writing for LA Weekly, addresses the opponents of marriage equality who lost their minds over the fall of DOMA last week:

“Bad News for the Haters Dept.: You realize that all those obnoxious 16-year-olds you see everywhere, texting their friends who are standing next to them, will be able to vote in the 2016 elections. Do you think you will be able to sell them on your anti-gay/anti-woman/anti-brown/black platform? Do you think they want to end up like you? I bet they don’t. Gov. Bobby Jindal said that you all have to stop being the stupid party. I don’t think you can do it. How did equality become political? Because you can’t handle science, change or the truth. America is on the move, you are not.”


“The demise of DOMA, while great, is also a smack to the hornet’s nest and there will be a whirlwind to reap, so please, prepare for many challenges up the road. The pushback will be considerable. America is changing and, historically, we don’t handle it well.

“The Supreme Court’s DOMA decision was good, but the best part of the story is how it got to their door. That was you and me never shutting up, never relenting and never being satisfied for too long.”

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