Hayden Joseph Gets His Pride On – ‘Out’

Out country music artist Hayden Joseph
Out country music artist Hayden Joseph

More music for Pride Month – in 2021, out country music artist Hayden Joseph released his uplifting anthem of self-acceptance, “Out,” for Pride month.

The song showcases Hayden’s bright and effortless vocals amid modern country-pop production. The inspiring and forward-looking lyrics are a clarion call to be out and proud of who you are.

Turn the lights
Call a time
It’s mine to cash
Get to work
Try to max
Won’t ever tap
Been burnt and strung
But now I’ve run
Out of fears and doubts
So I won’t back
I’m stepping…

“Every artist needs an ‘I am’ song, and this is mine,” says Joseph about the new track. “At its core, it’s a track about celebrating who you are. For me, it narrates coming out and fully accepting myself, but the meaning will change depending on the listener.”

Hit the play button below and bounce along to “Out.”

Hayden has been making waves as one of the few out-and-proud singers in the country genre since the successful release of his 2021 debut album, Different (which has garnered over 400,000 streams).

He knows he faces an uphill battle as an openly gay male pursuing a country music career; it’s no secret that the genre hasn’t always been inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. Despite that, he prides himself in the inclusive nature of his lyrics, and earnestly aspires to “write songs for everyone.”

Hayden strives to continue breaking industry barriers, just as he says in his new single: “Times are changing, uncovering new ground. The world is ready for how I’m speaking out.”

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You can follow Hayden Joseph on Instagram here. His new EP – I’m Not There Yet – is available for streaming here.