Gus Kenworthy Interviews Olympic BFF Adam Rippon For “Nightline”

Adam Rippon (L) and Gus Kenworthy (R)

Last night, Olympic bronze medalist Adam Rippon sat down for a chat on ABC News’ Nightline with his Olympic BFF, silver medalist Gus Kenworthy.

Kenworthy, in “special correspondent” mode, interviewed Rippon about being the first openly gay U.S. athlete at the Winter Olympics and in doing so becoming “America’s sweetheart” as well as a leading voice for the LGBQ community.

Rippon made his Dancing with the Stars debut this week delivering a killer cha-cha to RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk.”

Check out the interview below, and make sure you hang out for the last minute where Gus decides to teach Adam a few dances moves 😉

In related Kenworthy news, over on Instagram where he recently passed the one million followers, Gus once again shared that awesome ripped body of his as he dipped a toe into a pool in LA.