Greg Quinlan cries as society moves forward

Greg Quinlan cries as society moves forward

“I do not believe this Field Poll of 59% of California regular voters support same-sex marriage. That just flies in the face of the two real polls, two elections — one to change the laws in California, the other one to change the state Constitution. The California voters want marriage to be one man, one woman — period. In spite of the massive amounts of money, of being out-stanced and out-maneuvered, and with foot soldiers on the ground, the homosexual agenda still cannot get a majority of the voters in any state, anywhere in this nation to approve homosexual marriage — not one time.” – “Ex-gay” leader Greg Quinlan, claiming that yesterday’s poll was faked.

This is Greg Quinlan crying in his Post Toasties because society is evolving and he wishes it wasn’t.

The Field Poll is a non-partisan independent organization. 59% to 34% is a wide margin to be wrong.

The poll’s director, Mark DiCamillo, tells The Sacramento Bee that the growing support shows that opinions are changing as younger voters replace older voters. And as California’s marriage battle plays out in the courts, and judges in other states rule against traditional marriage, he says the opinion of the people is changing.

You can’t just say “I don’t believe” to make it go away, Greg. Society is evolving. It’s happening.