‘Religious Liberty?’ GOP Lawmaker Not Down With Vatican Requiring Vaccinations

Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)
Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)

Freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) stepped in it a bit after tweeting about a news report indicating the Vatican may fire employees who don’t get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

The 25-year-old wrote, “This doesn’t sound legal… One shouldn’t be forced against their will to be vaccinated. The vaccination is there for those who want it, and are in need of it due to medical vulnerabilities.”

Folks were quick to note the irony that the conservative lawmaker defends the concept of “religious liberty” wherein churches make their own rules about how to go about business.

As one commenter wrote, “This will age well when he demands religious organizations be allowed to fire people for who they have sex with.”

Plus, the Vatican being a sovereign state, it fall outside of Cawthorn’s North Carolina congressional district.