GOP Immigration Bill Fails Miserably In House Vote 301-121

GOP Immigration Bill Fails Miserably In House Vote 301-121
Donald Trump

Donald Trump keeps blaming Democrats in Congress for the lack of meaningful immigration reform, but the Republicans (who control both the House and the Senate) can’t get their own act together.

From The Washington Post:

The House on Wednesday soundly rejected a wide-ranging GOP immigration bill that would have funded President Trump’s border wall, offered young undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship and partially addressed the family-separation crisis at the southwest border.

The bill failed on a vote of 301 to 121 despite a last-minute tweet — in all caps — of support from Trump, the backing of GOP leadership and weeks of negotiations between conservatives and moderate Republicans who sought an elusive intraparty compromise.

But the GOP has been unable to bridge the divide between hard-liners aligned with Trump and moderates intent on addressing the fate of immigrants known as “dreamers.”

Highlighting the GOP’s failure to achieve consensus on any immigration-related legislation, Republican aides said he House would not vote this week on a narrower measure aimed squarely at the separation policy, amid disputes between Congress and the White House on how far such a bill should go.

With immigration reform now being kicked down the road yet again, the only legislative achievement Donald Trump will be able to tout on the mid-term campaign trail this fall will be his tax cuts.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll showed the tax reform law only garners 27% approval.

Here’s the Donald’s all-caps tweet from earlier today, plus a few other thoughts from the Twitterverse: