Glenn Beck delivers cryptic “whistleblower” message on radio show

Right Wing Watch tips us to this very CRYPTIC “whistleblower” warning Glenn Beck made today on his radio show:

So we are a little skeptical of the promise that he made at the top of his radio broadcast today that within the next twenty four hours, his The Blaze network will break a story that is going to rock the nation and take down the entire power structure.

All Beck would say is that there is a whistleblower who has handed over just one document to The Blaze, but “this one document would take down pretty much the whole power structure, pretty much everything.” But this whistleblower is refusing to come forward until he can appear on television in front of Congress out of fear that he will otherwise be killed.

“We are going to be greatly divided as a nation,” Beck warned, “in the next ten days and you are going to witness things in American history that have never been witnessed before.”