Glenn Beck: Atheist “moment” with Wolf Blitzer was a “plant”

Glenn Beck has decided that a very awkward interview moment by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this week was the workings of a CNN producer “sympathetic to the atheist plight,” Right Wing Watch reports.

The interview in question is from Tuesday, when Blitzer asked a woman who survived this week’s massive tornado in Oklahoma, “Did you thank the Lord?” In the interview, the woman laughed and responded, “I’m actually an atheist,” and the two shared a moment of awkward laughter.

To Beck, though, the question “just wasn’t natural,” and therefore must have been a plant by some producer who thought it was important “to point out that in the middle of the heartland, there are atheists there too.”

The fact is, this is the first “atheist” moment on TV I’ve seen in forever. So it’s not like CNN is pushing an atheist agenda.

Plus, I have to say, Wolf Blitzer is a serious professional. To think the moment was staged is to think very little of Blitzer and his very long, successful career.

(via Towleroad)