GLEE Season Finale – WICKED’s ‘For Good’

Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Sing GLEE Season Finale – WICKED’s ‘For Good’

On the stage of the Gershwin Theater where WICKED plays eight times a week, Rachel and Kurt form a diva mutual-appreciation-society befitting of Elphaba and G(a)linda and share their affection and love for each other as performers – as well as people.

Of special note to Broadway babies: both of the original Broadway witches in WICKED who first sang “For Good” have made memorable appearances on GLEE in the last two seasons, with Idina Menzel essaying the role of Rachel Berry’s mother, Shelby, and Kristin Chenoweth winning over fans with her award-nominated stint as boozy April Rhodes.

Continuing what was begun with Michele and Colfer‘s dueling versions of “Defying Gravity” last season, WICKED’s unforgettable Act One Finale, here is the end of Act Two – “For Good”; as is oh-so befitting of the close of Season Two of GLEE.