George Zimmerman’s lawyers stepping back from representing him

George Zimmerman’s lawyers made a statement today to the media that they have lost contact with George Zimmerman and are stepping back from representing him for now.

Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner say they have not heard from Zimmerman since a text message on Sunday.

They also indicated that Zimmerman has reached out to media figures like Sean Hannity against their counsel and also has spoken to the special prosecutor directly against legal advice.

They contend they believe he is still innocent of wrong doing, and that, if asked would turn himself in.

George Zimmerman’s former lawyers said during a press conference Tuesday that they never met face to face with their client. The communication was done through phone calls and meetings with family members, they said.

The lawyers suggested that their former client may not be in Florida anymore. “Stop looking in Florida,” the lawyers said.

Trayvon Martin’s family attorney expressed concern that Zimmerman may flee: “Trayvon’s family was always concerned that Zimmerman doesn’t try to skirt his legal responsibilities and become a flight risk.”