George Santos Raised Huge $$$ For A Recount That Never Happened

When George Santos first ran for Congress in 2020, he lost by more than 12 points. And yet, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a recount fund. But there never was a recount.
Rep. George Santos (screen capture)

Did you know that when serial liar George Santos first ran for Congress in 2020 he lost by 12 points? And yet, he launched a “recount fund.” Officially, the Devolder Santos for Congress Recount (DSCR) fund.

And yet, after raising over hundreds of thousands of dollars – get ready, folks –  there never was a recount.

From The Daily Beast:

Between Nov. 4 and Dec. 18, while then-President Donald Trump and his allies were raising boatloads of money on false claims of election fraud, DSCR pulled in more than $265,000, according to Federal Election Commission records. It was a huge windfall.

For comparison, Santos’ actual campaign only raised around $358,000 for the entire 2020 election, not counting the $81,250 Santos claimed to have loaned from his “personal funds.”

Over the same period, DSCR also reported more than $260,000 in expenses, some of which campaign finance experts flagged as suspicious in discussions with The Daily Beast. (The group still has $5,148.04 in the bank today.)

Apparently, recount funds are one of the most unregulated areas of campaign finance, with the rules being more lax than for regular campaign funding.

The campaign finance reform group End Citizens United filed an FEC complaint about DSCR last month calling the recount committee a “sham.”

According to records filed with the FEC, 77% of the donations to DSCR were under $200 – i.e. small “unitemized” donations that don’t trigger disclosure requirements. Because…of course.

There’s much, much more over at The Daily Beast.