George Santos Admits Campaign Loans Didn’t Come From ‘Personal’ Funds

Truth-challenged Rep. George Santos (R-NY) amended two FEC forms today admitting over $600K he previously claimed to loan to his campaign DIDN'T come from his personal funds.
Rep. George Santos (R-NY)

One of the biggest questions folks have for serial liar Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has been where did he get $700K to “loan” to his 2022 congressional campaign?

His campaign suddenly “amended” campaign reports today admitting the money DIDN’T come from his personal funds.

From The Daily Beast:

Late Tuesday afternoon, Santos’ political operation filed a flurry of amended campaign finance reports, telling the feds, among other things, that a $500,000 loan he gave to his campaign didn’t, in fact, come from his personal funds as he’d previously claimed.

However, while the newly amended filing told us where the funds did not come from, it also raised a new question—where did the money come from?

Another amended filing on Tuesday disclosed that a $125,000 “loan from the candidate” in late October also did not come from his “personal funds,” but like the $500,000 question, did not say where the money came from, when the loan was due, or what entity, if any, backed the money.

Brendan Fischer, of the government watchdog Documented and a campaign finance expert, reviewed the amended filings and wasn’t impressed.

“I don’t know what they think they are doing,” Fischer told The Daily Beast. “Santos’ campaign might have unchecked the ‘personal funds of candidate’ box, but it is still reporting that the $500,000 came from Santos himself. If the ‘loan from candidate’ didn’t actually come from the candidate, then Santos should come clean and disclose where the money really came from.”

He added, “Santos can’t uncheck a box and make his legal problems go away.”

Unlike his lies about business experience, being “Jew-ish,” and his imaginary college volleyball career, willfully filing misleading campaign finance reports can get him jailtime.

More at The Daily Beast.

Here’s the “amended” FEC filing. Note the unchecked box next to “Personal funds of the candidate.”

George Santos Admits Campaign Loans Didn’t Come From ‘Personal’ Funds