Gay Science: Should Gays Be Around Children?

Rob Anderson's Gay Science comedy series asks the question "Should gays be around children?"
Rob Anderson of ‘Gay Science’ (screen capture)

For some Friday Funny action, check out Rob Anderson’s latest episode of “Gay Science” which serves up some hilarious fake-scientific answers to the question “Should gays be around children?”

Since he launched his YouTube page in late February 2020, he’s had over 226,000,000 views of his parody/comedy videos.


Anderson’s hilarious video series approaches gay stereotypes with fake science, often flipping the end result into something positive.

I previously posted Anderson’s video which purported to answer the question, “How does gaydar work?”

Anderson is also one of this year’s OUT100 honorees.

“The videos I make shows how stupid stereotypes can be and riffs on superior queer decision-making skills,” Anderson recently told OUT. “My content lets gay people laugh at themselves in a way that still makes them feel good about who they are and the special community they belong to.”