Gallup: Support For Marriage Equality Continues To Rise

From Gallup:

Americans’ support for same-sex marriage has more than doubled since Gallup first polled on the issue in 1996, when 27% said it should be recognized as valid by the law.

In 2004 — weeks before gay weddings took place in Massachusetts after it became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage — less than half of Americans (42%) felt such unions should be legally valid.

Majority support for gay marriage would not come until May 2011, about a month before New York became the sixth state to legalize it.

Since then, support for legal same-sex marriage has steadily climbed, with consistent majorities in favor of it since late 2012.

Gallup also reports that support for same-sex relations has also reached an all-time high of 72%.

When Gallup first began polling on the issue in 1977, only 43% said same-sex relations should be legal.