Friday chill music – Olivia Newton-John “Help Me To Heal”

A few years ago, Olivia Newton-John re-examined and “renewed” her excellent CD “Grace and Gratitude” in a new version with some additional tracks.

One of the highlights of the “renewed” G&G was this track – Help Me To Heal. I think it’s gorgeous.

There wasn’t a music video to go with the song, so I asked Olivia if I could take some “behind the scenes” footage shot during the creation of the album and create a video. I was thrilled when she said ‘yes.’

So the above is something I made for the release of “Grace and Gratitude Renewed.”

The album itself is very special to me. Not only did it become the soundtrack for my own cancer journey, but Olivia honored me by asking me to help stage a special concert of the album outside Philadelphia.

Love the music. Love the message.