Frank Stallone’s Twitter Douchery In Three Acts

ACT ONE: Our story begins when Frank Stallone, that’s the shorter/poorer/less attractive brother to Sly Stallone, decided to attack Parkland high school students David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

Why Frank decided to crawl out from under the rock he’s been hiding under for years, who knows? But, whatever….

ACT TWO: Little Stallone even tried to play the Rambo card tweeting “I’ve faced gunfire too, people!”

But one Twitterer, The Hoarse Whisperer, called Stallone out on “facing gunfire” having found the news report that that “incident” was really just a nick on his finger when a gun accidentally went off in a gun store years ago.

Apparently, “L’il Rambo” blocked The Hoarse Whisperer and then took his whole Twitter account private.

Kinda like a bully taking his toys and going home.

ACT THREE: He reappeared this morning with the apology below.