France: Tens of thousands protest against marriage equality

Anti-gay protesters crowded the streets of Paris today ahead of a
French parliament vote on Tuesday in which it is expected to adopt
marriage equality, Deutsche Welle reports:

Protest organizers said between 30,000 and
50,000 people took part in the demonstration in the Montparnasse area of
Paris on Sunday. A rival protest in support of the legislation was also
held on Sunday but gathered fewer participants.
Two thousand security officers were on hand
to ensure the throngs remained peaceful after demonstrations earlier in
the week led to a bit of violence.
Protests were held three nights running,
from Wednesday to Friday, and some of the hard-core opponents clashed
with police. More than 100 arrests were made throughout the week.

AFP adds:

In a series of guerrilla actions, activists
opposed to the bill have staged dawn protests outside ministers’ homes,
vandalised cars, assaulted journalists and even blocked a fast train
carrying a prominent gay marriage campaigner. One Socialist MP received
death threats, and there are reports that two attacks on gay bars, one
in Bordeaux and the other in Lille, were linked to rising anti-gay
sentiment fed by the protests. So why the explosive outrage in the land
of liberty, fraternity and equality?

Some argue that it is simply
part of a wider backlash against what is seen as a corrupt, incompetent
political class, prompted by Mr Hollande’s inability to tackle
unemployment and the discovery that the government’s tax tsar had a
secret Swiss bank account.

But the French Right has seized on the
gay marriage issue to rally its demoralised electorate. Given the mess
that Mr Hollande’s Socialist administration is making of the economy,
Right wingers argue, the Left has no right to legislate on moral issues
as well.

To be clear, France is not polarized. There is just a very vocal minority that doesn’t want to see the LGBT community receive certain rights making itself heard.

This bill is about another minority – the LGBT community – who should have the same rights to marriage as their straight brothers and sisters. It’s simply about equality. About being fair.

I’m not happy to hear about the anti-gay violence. That is wrong. In the end, it reveals who the anti-gay folks are. It doesn’t make them right. It does, however, make them

The Civil War in America was one of the bloodiest in our history, and it was fought in part about the equality of a section of society. A minority.Violence  or not, it didn’t change the truth. It was right that that minority group achieved equality, just as the LGBT community deserves equality.


Scream, haters. Yell. It won’t make you right. And the more violence you demonstrate shows your true colors.