Fox News’ Chris Wallace To Reince Priebus: “You Don’t Get To Tell Us What To Do Any More Than Obama Did”

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus got into a heated discussion this morning with Fox News’ Chris Wallace over the media coverage being biased against President Donald Trump.

From Mediaite:

Priebus expressed his frustration with news outlets running untrue stories about the White House and Russia. He also railed against the use of anonymous sources and said the reports about Trump advisors being in “constant contact” with Russian intel officers and that the intel community allegedly withholding information from the president are both inaccurate.

Wallace circled back to the press issue and said there’s nothing wrong with criticizing media bias, but Trump’s tweet went well beyond that. “We don’t have a state-run media in this country,” Wallace said. “That’s what they have in dictatorships.”

Priebus pointed to breathless scandal coverage compared to the minimal coverage given to the administration’s accomplishments so far. Wallace pushed back on that assessment and told Priebus this:

“You don’t get to tell us what to do any more than Barack Obama did. Barack Obama whined about Fox News all the time, but I gotta say, he never said we were an enemy of the people.”

Reince really gets into “cry baby” mode here. Interesting that at one point Priebus backs himself up with a quote from an unnamed source, and when asked who that was Priebus says, “I’m not going to tell you.”

But it’s wrong for the media to use unnamed sources? #DoAsISayNotAsIDo

Watch below: