Former mistress says LA Clippers owner is actually gay

Former mistress says LA Clippers owner is actually gay

V. Stiviano, former girlfriend/mistress of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has asserted that Sterling is not only a racist, but is actually gay, and she was paid to act as his “beard.”

Sterling’s wife, Shelly, filed a lawsuit against Stiviano depicting her as a money-grubbing femme fatale who convinced the former Clippers owner into giving her a Ferrari, hundreds of thousands in cash and a $1.8 million house in LA.

Stiviano denied the allegations and answered in court documents saying that Donald Sterling was gay.

Via the NY Daily News:

“V.S. was D.T.S’s beard for three years prior to the filing of suit,” the answer claimed. “V.S. is informed and believes that (Sterling) is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males.”

The answer said that Shelly Sterling was “acutely aware of his orientation and condoned” his behavior, including his decision to give “gifts, money and other properties” to Stiviano for her public companionship.

“Such gifts” were lavished “in the capacity” of Stiviano being “D.T.S. and Shelly’s beard,” the answer said.