Former boyfriend of Cain accuser backs her story

Former boyfriend of Cain accuser backs her story

Victor Zuckerman said today he backs ex-girlfriend Sharon Bialek’s allegation that Herman Cain “touched her in an inappropriate manner.”

Zuckerman, a pediatrician, came forward after Cain last week denied knowing Bialek.

The GOP presidential candidate said the incident Bialek described from 1997 “simply did not happen.”

Bialek, a Chicago-area woman, came forward last week and alleged Cain put his hand up her skirt and groped her when she asked his help in finding a job.

In a statement read to reporters in Shreveport, La., Zuckerman says Bialek went to dinner with Cain in Washington and returned “upset. She said Mr. Cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner.”

The doctor, who described himself as a Republican, said he came forward to “aid the public in evaluating the statements previously made by Mr. Cain and Ms. Bialek.”

Allred says Bialek’s allegations are relevant because Cain is running for president.

Zuckerman says Bialek was “livid” hearing Cain deny claims of sexual harassment, which is what he says prompted her to come forward last week. The doctor says he was the one who suggested she contact Allred.

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