For animal lovers – the animal odd couple – very moving

This just kills me every time I watch it. The animals around us are far more advanced and sophisticated than so many dream.

A very moving story about two friends.

The friendships and relationships between animals is often very powerful.

In 2006, my daddy dog (and best friend) Bruno had a severe spinal cord injury. He had spinal surgery, but for ten days he couldn’t walk. He had to stay quiet and on his own for weeks in our master bedroom to help his recovery. His anxiety was so high when I left the room that finally I stopped leaving the room. For weeks I barely left the room. I helped him do exercises for physical therapy, we watched TV, often I just sat with him. But he missed the other dogs. He loved being part of “the pack.”

Finally, when we thought it was safe, we let Sabrina (mama dog) in to see the Bruno. Both were so anxious having not seen each other for weeks. It was so moving to see Sabrina sniff and inspect everything about Bruno until she felt he was ok. Then she laid down next to him. And the two laid there for hours. The most calm I had seen either since before his accident. It was very emotional.

For animal lovers – the animal odd couple – very moving

Sabrina has been gone 9 months now. But there are times I still see Bruno look for her. 

He is so special. All of them are. And they teach me everyday.