FBI: No Evidence Found That Orlando Shooter Was Gay

In the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub shooting, several people have come forward saying they had had contact with the shooter, Omar Mateen, on gay dating apps.

The FBI says they’ve found nothing to substantiate the claims.

From the L.A. Times:

The FBI has found no evidence so far to support claims by those who say Mateen had gay lovers or communicated on gay dating apps, several law enforcement officials said.

In seeking to verify the reports, federal agents have culled Mateen’s electronic devices, including a laptop computer and cellphone, as well as electronic communications of those who made the claims, law enforcement officials said.

So far, they have found no photographs, no text messages, no smartphone apps, no gay pornography and no cell-tower location data to suggest that Mateen — who was twice married to women and had a young son — conducted a secret gay life, the officials said.

The LA Times does go on to say that it’s possible Mateen had another phone or electronic device onwhich he might have used gay dating apps.

Additionally, while Mateen proclaimed allegiance to ISIS during the massacre, the FBI says it has found no direct link between Mateen and the Islamic State.